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miércoles, agosto 06, 2008

Python PBE/PBD - SMARTedit

Programming by example / demonstration - editor de texto con aprendizaje de tareas. Licencia GPL. Artículo paper original

SMARTedit is a text editor that lets you program text-editing macros by demonstration. SMARTedit stands for Simple MAcro-Recognition Tool editor.

Macros in ordinary text editors, such as emacs, are difficult to use: they're tricky to get right the first time, hard to debug and visualize, and brittle (they don't always work on new cases).

On the other hand, people faced with repetitive text-editing tasks badly need a way to construct simple programs to automate parts of their work. Yet as soon as the tasks get more complicated than simple search-and-replace, the poor user is faced with learning a programming language such as Visual Basic in order to control the application.

SMARTedit addresses these problems by using robust machine learning technology to allow non-programmers to construct complex text-editing programs without writing a single piece of code, simply by interacting directly with the interface. SMARTedit learns programs in a simple yet expressive programming language with constructs such as "move to the beginning of the string tag" and

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