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viernes, agosto 08, 2008

Websites as videogames

Diseñar sitios web con estructura de videojuego, centrándose en el flujo de concentración

Your New Excuse to Get an Xbox - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design
Attributes of websites vs. video games
Websites Video games
Hand-eye coordination: digital Total body coordination: physical
Usable Learnable, playful, discoverable
One level of difficulty Multiple levels of difficulty
Social content Social interaction
Web development Product development
Wireframes Storyboards
Page Scene
2D 3D
Needs are user-centric: satisfy the user Needs are engendered: satisfy the player
Free Bought
2 to 15 minutes Hours to days
Task, transaction and information Entertainment
Sticky, at best Addictive
Cheap to design and build Expensive to design and build
Superficial customization and personalization Considerable customization and personalization

Design for Emotion and Flow - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design
Attention and Flow

The elements associated with the flow state can be classified into the three areas; 1. Causes of Flow 2. Characteristics of Flow 3. Consequences of Flow (Novak, Hoffman and Yung, 1999).

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