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viernes, agosto 15, 2008

Recomendador wikipedia - Directed Edge Launches Recommender Engine Public Beta!

Recomendador de artículos de la Wikipedia.

It’s an exciting day for us at Directed Edge. Today we’re finally putting our Wikipedia-based technology preview out there for people to play with. Before you click over to it, here’s a little about what you’re looking at.

As our name implies, we’re graph theory nerds. We look at the roughly 60 million links between the 2.5 million English Wikipedia pages, and with a few extra cues from the content, figure out pages related to the current one and put that in a little box in the upper left (as evident from the image on our home page). In some cases, if we’re able to pick out what sort of page it is, we also drop in a second box with just other pages of the same type.

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