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miércoles, octubre 31, 2007

Gnome Online Desktop

Gnome ha creado un proyecto para integrar el escritorio con los servicios y aplicaciones web más famosos. Es un campo de pruebas para la GUI de comienzos del siglo XXI.

OnlineDesktop - GNOME Live!
The goal of the GNOME Online Desktop is to adapt the desktop to become
the perfect window for online applications like GMail, Photobucket,
Facebook, EBay, Wikipedia, and countless others that user and developer
momentum is shifting towards.

Online Desktop - Online Desktop Developer Wiki

Introducing the Online Desktop

RedHat, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Firefox, Salesforce.com, and
countless other organizations are changing the software we use by
shifting applications from Desktop Operating system to the web.

Microsoft will move too slowly. The next
version of Windows may be well-integrated with Windows Live, but
there's a big difference between Windows Live and the Internet. Open
source doesn't have an agenda like this; our online desktop will be
integrated with anything and everything users want to use.

As people and organizations realize they aren't really using
desktop operating systems anymore, except to launch their web browser
— open source will be there with a free-of-cost, free-as-in-freedom and super-simple alternative.

This is the right strategy for the open source desktop community. It's time to remix GNU/Linux and GNOME into a completely new take on the desktop for an online era.

Slides from GUADEC

At GUADEC we held a talk with slides.


This is not a web-based desktop or "webtop"; we are trying to create
the ideal experience outside your browser. The fact is, you need
hardware drivers, and the browser itself can't be web-based. The
computing environment of the future won't be "turtles all the way
down." But neither does it need a bunch of complexity designed for a
pre-web world.

Imagine an OS that keeps all its information online, so you can
use a live CD as easily as a full installation. When you start up a
newly-installed computer, or visit a friend's house, your whole
environment will be waiting for you, with no setup to redo. For the
techies, think Stateless Linux Desktop; your files and settings are
somewhere else.

Because our desktop is open source, it will work with all
the best-in-category web sites and services that you use, no matter who
owns them.
It can also support a diverse "long tail" of sites and
services for every interest and geographic location, as long as someone
interested in a particular service takes the time to add support for

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