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lunes, mayo 28, 2007

PDA Low-tech

Introducing the Hipster PDA | 43 Folders

Como construir una PDA con un cuaderno

Como utilizarlo

Hipster PDA

Recently, I got sick of lugging my Palm V around, so I developed a
vastly superior, greatly simplified device for capturing and sharing
information. I call it “The Hipster PDA.”

Beauty & Simplicity

Hipster PDA - the parts you'll need

The Hipster PDA (Parietal Disgorgement Aid)
is a fully extensible system for coordinating incoming and outgoing
data for any aspect of your life and work. It scales brilliantly,
degrades gracefully, supports optional categories and
“beaming,” and is configurable to an unlimited number of
options. Best of all, the Hipster PDA fits into your hip pocket and
costs practically nothing to purchase and maintain. Let’s make
one together.

Building your first Hipster PDA

  1. get a bunch of 3"x5" file cards (here’s 500 for around 3 bucks)
  2. clip them together with a binder clip
  3. there is no step 3

Settings & Preferences

Assembling your Hipster PDA

For you hotrods who like to tweak your equipment, I’ll note a few mods you might make to the basic configuration.

  • Consider picking up some different kinds of cards—different colors, lined and unlined.
  • Personally, I like the really small binder clips and a stack of 12 or fewer cards; experiment for the combination that suits you
  • Try using a single different-colored card as a visual separator
    between used and fresh cards in your stack (helps you from accidentally
    giving someone an old, written-on note)
  • Buy yourself a Fisher Space Pen. I’ll post more on this later (since I’m a bit obsessed with them), but The Fisher Bullet
    model is tiny, sturdy, and surprisingly comfortable to use. And, thanks
    to its famous nitrogen-forced ink well technology, the Space Pen writes
    upside down, underwater, and—yes I’ve tested it—
    through a pat of rich, creamery butter. It’s the perfect stylus
    for your new Hipster PDA.

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