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martes, mayo 29, 2007

Magic: arquetipos de mazos

Artículos sobre los tipos de mazos de Magic más potentes

Magic: The Gathering deck types - Wikipedia

The Gathering deck types
De Wikipedia
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The game Magic: The Gathering requires each player to construct their
own deck in order to play. There are thousands of unique cards which
can be used for this purpose, thus a considerable number of different
decks can be constructed. However, decks can usually be loosely
classified based on their play style and mode of victory.[1]

Finding the Tinker Deck

format after format, the cards fall into recognizable patterns that we call the deck archetypes.

Briefly, these include CounterSliver, Necro, Prison, Sligh, Stompy, Weissman, Toolbox, Tinker, and The Enigma. While the iconic models for decks are themselves fairly irrefutable, the positioning of one build or another historically has a great deal of play. There are, for example, many times when a deck can float between CounterSliver and Weissman (CounterRebels), Weissman and Prison (Maher Oath), or Prison and Tinker (The German Dragon). The Enigma, that most curious of decks that visits us only when a mistake has been made somewhere on the higher planes of the Magic universe, has itself touched many of the archetypes over the years.

Deck Archetypes and Player Styles, by Robert Tristan Lesczinski - a Magic: the Gathering Magic Fundamentals article

is a not just a game of decks and players, but of deck archetypes and
player styles. What makes most players go from good to really good, or
even great, is they have the ability to identify their individual
player style, and which deck of that style suits them the best for any
given situation. In this article I will identify the three separate
player styles, and the three (yes, just three in my overcrowded mind)
deck archetypes. I will examine which decks fall into each category.
Some of the decks in here are decks I found online, and take no credit
for creating them, but a few decks are mine and were either created a
while ago, or simply created to give an example of a certain deck
The three main decks archetypes are as follows:

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