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lunes, mayo 12, 2008

Tutorial 1080p: por qué merece la pena

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity - High Definition 1080p TV: Why You Should Be Concerned
The downside on an interlaced format is that the alternating fields only truly compliment each other if the subject is stationary. If it is, then the alternating fields "sum" to form a complete and continuous 1920 x 1080 picture (everything lines up perfectly between the two fields). If the subject moves though, it will be in one position for one field and another position for the next. The interlaced fields no longer compliment one another and artifacts such as jaggies, line twitter, and other visual aberrations are a normal side effect of the interlaced format. Deinterlaced Wrong1080i: se pierde resolución en toda la escena
Deinterlaced Correct1080p: sólo pierde resolución el objeto en movimiento

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