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viernes, mayo 30, 2008

Elogio de C++

Con enlaces a las librerías más super - potentes de C++

What Makes a Programming Language Successful?
Let me emphasize one thing here: I don't think C++ is the pinnacle of programming. Far from it. But its undeniably powerful, and there is no other language that has this amount of expressiveness and range. Java and C# are severely limited in comparison. Python and Lisp are much more flexible, but at the cost of performance. Where else can I write metaprograms that construct a code path at compile-time, for example? With all the compile-time optimizations applied to the result?

I also gave examples already. Try replicating Boost.Fusion or Boost.Proto in C# or Java. Try replicating Blitz++, or Spirit. Try generic programming in C++, then in Java and C# (you'll curse at the latter two's generics). Look up what's possible with C++ metaprograms (-> Boost.MPL & Fusion). Read books from Scott Meyers and Alexei Alexandrescu (especially Modern C++ Design).

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