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miércoles, mayo 07, 2008

Design Eye for the Web Guy

Rediseños de páginas web famosas, hechos por profesionales de la usabilidad. Por ejemplo, incluyen el diseño de la web de Jakob Nielsen (Alertbox)

DesignEye.org http://designeye.org/de_dirk.jpg
* Design Eye for South By SXSW 2008
* Design Eye for the List Guy SXSW 2006
* Design Eye for the Idea Guy SXSW 2005
* Design Eye for the Usability Guy 2004 (as seen in Communication Arts)

What the heckfire is this?

Design Eye is an experiment in bringing fresh vision to existing web design. And like all experiments, Design Eye features a few random theories and a group of mad scientists who put them to the test. The Design Eye team uses its individual expertise and collective talent to tackle each project as a soup-to-nuts strategic redesign. From content to usability to aesthetics, a freshly scrubbed and newly enlightened project emerges from every fashion-forward, fun-packed makeover.

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