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jueves, julio 12, 2007

Videojuegos para ponerse en forma

para Playstation, Wii ...

Nintendo shows off new flagship product: Wii Fit

Gaming your way into better shape: Page 1
After poking around a bit, I found that there was a glut of products for video game systems that are meant to promote fitness. I remember back in the day when rowing machines had simplistic video games attached to them to get you to work out harder, but I had no clue there were exercise bikes attached to PlayStations, EyeToy games dedicated to fitness, or a game that includes its own personal trainer named Maya... who just happens to have a great, uh, energizing spirit.

As I started on my quest for fitness, I had a few questions. How good are these games? Can someone actually get into shape using just video games in their own home? How much was this going to cost me? Clearly there is a market for this sort of thing, but are people actually being helped, or is this just a clever way to get people to buy more games?

Thus began the experiment: a few fitness games, two months testing time, and a tweaked diet. How well do these games really work? We're about to find out.

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