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domingo, julio 08, 2007

¿Para qué usa usted su red social?

35 puntos de vista sobre redes sociales

35 Perspectives on Online Social Networking (SocialComputingMagazine.com)
35 Perspectives on Online Social Networking
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Thursday, July 5, 2007; Posted: 5:12 AM - by Malene Charlotte Larsen

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There are many different perspectives to put on online social networking and it is important to know where one is coming from when talking about social networking and youth. The perspective(s) one has will be very different whether one is a parent with a teenage daughter on MySpace, a marketing executive interested in the target group “14 to 20,” a journalist looking for the next big news story on young people and new media, a youngster using a social networking site as part of everyday life or a researcher investigating how young people are using social networking sites.

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