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sábado, julio 28, 2007

Consejos básicos de seguridad en Ubuntu

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Ubuntu Security - Ubuntu Forums
Ubuntu Security

I am writing this guide as a concerned member of the Ubuntu Community. Security is a concern for us all and in welcoming new (and experienced) users to Ubuntu I would like to demystify the complexities of security that come with your new OS.

Disclaimer : I am not an expert in security. This document is intended as a security overview for new users. This thread is not intended as an all inclusive how-to or discuss the merits of any particular security measure. I offer no guarantee that by running Ubuntu with any or all of these suggestions your security will be foolproof or that you will never be cracked.

I would like to direct any general security discussions to the Servers & Security and any comments on this introductory sticky here.

I would like to thank the Ubuntu Staff, especially jdong and compiledkernel for their review and suggestions.

Introduction : Security is an ongoing process and, like an onion, it has layers and stinks. The best defense you have is to read and learn how to secure your OS.

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