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miércoles, julio 25, 2007

Filtrado de noticias RSS usando inteligencia artificial

A New, Better Approach to RSS
Aiderss Logo
I spent some time over the weekend playing with a new RSS tool called AideRSS.

Created by a small team in Waterloo, Ont., AideRSS offers tools to analyze blogs and blog posts - thereby giving you the ability to quickly determine what blog posts are worth reading, which is a godsend for people struggling with too many RSS feeds and not enough time.

What is AideRSS?

AideRSS is an intelligent assistant that saves time and keeps you on top of the latest news. We research every story and filter out the noise, allowing you to focus on what matters most.


  • Save time, be productive
  • Stay on top of the news
  • Read what matters
  • Find best stories with ease
  • Track performance over time


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