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domingo, mayo 02, 2010

HCI implicito


Non-gesture interaction, where the computer directly analyzes user behavior:

“Implicit human-computer interaction is an action, performed by the user that is not primarily aimed to interact with a computerized system but which such a system understands as input.” [5]. This is opposed to explicit HCI, where “the user tells the computer at a certain level of abstraction (e.g., by command-line, direct manipulation using a GUI, gesture, or speech input) what she expects the computer to do.” [5]. An example of explicit HCI is using a direct-manipulation graphical user interface (GUI) to drag a file from one folder to another, in order to have the file become located in the target folder. Implicit HCI, on the other hand, requires computers to observe and interpret what the user is doing, via sensors, which may be implemented as physical sensors (e.g., GPS) or digital sensors (e.g., file usage monitor)."

Ejemplo: GNOME busqueda contextual de ficheros

Un buscador asociativo de ficheros usando Gnome zeitgeist. Tiene algoritmos de detección de ficheros relacionados (working sets).



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