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viernes, diciembre 12, 2008

That's the spirit!

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Magazine references
Magazine Issue Type
SinclairPrograms 8.85 page 10 (News/Note) [full page]
Computer Gamer 9.85 page 66 (Review) [full page]
Crash 9.85 page 26 (Review) [full page]
Sinclair User 9.85 page 22 (Review) [full page]
Crash 10.85 page 78 (Tips) [full page]
Your Spectrum 10.85 page 44 (Review) [full page]
ZX Computing 12.85 page 63 (Review)
MicroHobby 11.85 page 14 (Nuevo) [full page]

Magazine adverts
Magazine Issue Type
Crash 8.85 page 119 (Full-page ad) [full page]
Your Spectrum 8.85 page 2 (Full-page ad) [full page]

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