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viernes, noviembre 07, 2008

Monad transformers en Haskell

Tutorial de para qué sirven los transformadores de mónadas

A Neighborhood of Infinity: Grok Haskell Monad Transformers
I've tried a few times to read various documents on the web about
Monad Transformers in Haskell. I think that in almost every case the
authors are trying to show how clever they are rather than explaining
their use. If I had just seen the simplest possible examples of Monad
Transformers at work I would have been able to figure out what was going
on and that would have given me enough information to bootstrap myself
into Monad Transforming enlightenment.

So to save other people the trouble I went through I'm providing you
with examples of Monad Transformers at work. I'm not even going to
explain in detail how they work, they're close to self-evident once the
main features are pointed out.

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